Welcome most gracious guest,

Should you be a person of good humor and a bit of fun then you have made your way to the right spot. We are the Good Time Regency Girls and as the tagline tells you we are 21st Century Girls, 19th Style.

So what does that mean for you as you come along with us? Get ready for some dancing, cards, food, sewing and much more!

So come with us, and see how modern women re-live history!

Lady Jen
Lady Jen has been dressing in historical clothing for the last 20 years, and has always had a somewhat obsessive love for all things of the past. She has however, always been most intrigued and seduced by the Regency era.1 Be it the attire of the empire waist dresses and their Grecian influence, the intricate subtleties of etiquette, or dancing until dawn. Lady Jen’s other passion is writing2, and so what better way for her to combine her 2nd and 3rd loves3 then to start the Good Time Regency Girls blog!

1 What a Rake that Regency era is!
2 She constantly has an idea for a novel…
3 Her 1st love being her husband – as he mostly patiently and always lovingly puts up with 2 and 3

Lady Devon
Lady Devon has always been a big fan of playing dress up. Nothing quite beats a hobby that lets you play make believe as a grown up.Thus she has embraced being a GTRG with open arms and an over active imagination. A great lover of Gothic Lit, she opens every cupboard with the hope that a either a ghost or a secect stairwell will appear. While this has yet to happen, a girl can always dream.

Lady Kenzie