A Turban for Spencerville

I am attending the Spencerville Ball this coming weekend and I needed something to wear on my head that would match what I was wearing on my body, a gown in winter white with brown trim.

A few weeks ago I started looking for materials to make a turban. I wanted something simple and elegant. I had started to study old fashion plates for inspiration but was blown away by a turban a friend of mine made for my Mother, so I used it as a template to make my turban.

I started checking out all the local thrift shops, and hit the jackpot at Value Village where I found a brown silk scarf for $1.99, a string of pearls for $2.99 and a pearl jewel for $7.99. My mom had some lace left over from her turban which she donated to the cause, and I pulled some pillow stuffing out of an old cushion to form a base to build the turban on. So the project materials cost me about $15 total.

Supplies to make the turban.

Supplies to make the turban.

I loaded a copy of Pride and Prejudice on my tablet, set up shop at the dining room table and got to work. It took me about two hours total to make, all of it was hand sewn. It is going to look perfect with my dress at the Ball.

Turban for Spencerville.

Turban for Spencerville.

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