Pelisse and Thank You

My sewing skills are progressing and each time I complete a project my confidence grows. To date I have made three dresses from the 18th-19th century. I have made two day caps, a fichu, a pocket, two chemises, bloomers, and a petticoat. Putting on a garment that you have made yourself is a wonderful feeling however, there have been a few pieces that I have been wanting but are still outside of my current sewing skills. This year I received some money for my Birthday, and I decided that I was going to have a few staple pieces professionally made to flush out my regency era wardrobe.

I had some cream and brown striped cotton that I wanted to make a simple day dress out of, but felt my sewing skills were not developed enough to successfully handle striped fabric. I also wanted a brown pelisse and a spencer. So here is what I had made with my birthday money.

The day dress has removable sleeves so it can serve many purposes, from a general assembly type dance, to a picnic, to an afternoon tea. It is a light cotton that will be comfortable spring through fall.


The skirt portion of the pelisse is attached with buttons when removed become a spencer.


The fabric is a rich toffee brown, and has some beautiful embroidery work on the sleeves and the skirt.


These two garments will give me four different looks, and blend well with the rest of my wardrobe which all tends to lean towards muddy brown, green, and beige shades.

The best part is how perfectly they fit. Employing the services of a professional tailor is money well invested, and I certainly understand the excitement that people of past generations must have felt when visiting the tailor to get their dresses done for the season. My garments may not be from the House of Worth, but they are just as special to me as if they had been. What a treat!

Added note- 2 June, 2014
I was searching some pictures of dresses from and came across this 1815 silk dress that resembles mine. This made me smile.

a dress

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