New Author Lady Kathy on Good Time Regency Girls

I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to live up to the name “Lady Kathy” when I was asked to contribute to this fantastic Good Time Regency Girls blog! For my introduction, I would love to share with you how I came to be interested in the Regency period.
For the last 8 years, I have been a devoted Jane Austen fan…going from “not interested, thank you very much” to having some reading material either by or relating to Jane Austen on my nightstand every day of the year! My history up to this turning point had been that of someone interested in literature but primarily newer writers – say, in the 20th century. And preferably American. And preferably short stories.
I had definitely read my share of English writers during my 4 years of study as an English Major. But when it came to reading for pleasure, they were not my focus. Not yet, any way.
Of course I had heard of Jane Austen…who hasn’t? But did I realize that her novels were so few (only 6 completed) and her life was so short? NO. But more importantly, I did not grasp the way her stories mirror real life…not just in the early 1800s but still today. And because I had not been required to read her at University, I was just plain missing out.
My sister-in-law, whom I shall call Sue (like I do in real life), wasn’t missing out…in fact, she loved the movie Pride and Prejudice (BBC) and would often have it right by her TV/VCR because she was committed to watching it twice a year. The first time I noticed it there, I actually teased her about. My SIL is an urban gal, sophisticated, and what interest could this story hold for her? But her response was something like, “I just love the story” and well, how can you argue with that?
So fast-forward a few years, when I was asked to be the delivery person to a mutual friend of these BBC Pride & Prejudice VCR Tapes. There they sat, on my windowsill for a few days with Darcy’s picture spanning the tapes while Elizabeth sat calmly by. One night, I decided to just play the first one and see what the big deal was about.
Oh, my. I was hooked. As I neared the end of tape 3, I wasn’t even bothering to rewind them anymore. Just hit “eject” and pop in the next one, like candy. And yes, I had to re-watch tape 6 immediately after it was finished and rewound, because it was just SO GOOD.
I still occasionally thank my sister-in-law for introducing me to Jane Austen and re-assure myself of her forgiveness for ever snickering at her about her love of Pride & Prejudice.

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