Staying around

Ok so I have gone with a bad pun once more. This post is going to be about my new set of stays and how this is the most excited I have ever been over an undergarment.

For folks who have been reading the blog, you may already know that I have been working on a dress and learning to sew. The gown (which I promise to blog about) is a historic pattern. The dresses I have worn up to this point have not been the most historical. The first dress was a costume that has Velcro in the back. My Mom and I built it not realizing how deep into this I would become. The next dress I bought. It’s great but has been made for us ladies without the historical underbits, but can still make the dress work. Up to now both dresses have been perfectly serviceable and I will keep wearing them. However for the next ball, something I wanted was to go big or go home.

All off of that leads me to building this new dress and to be in need of stays. Now some of you may know what stays are. Some may not. Those of you who are new to all of this, stays are more or less the proto sports bra. They lace up at the front – corset style. They are not very restrictive though do make you sit up straighter.

I was lucky Lady Jen had started work on one only to find that it wasn’t working out for her. This was a great find for me as while it was far too big, it was fixable. This is the point that I would love to tell you how I sewed the stays and worked out how to make them work for me. However full credit to making them work is 100% with Lady Jen.

The other day I got to put them on for the first time. Not gonna lie…my girls looked spectacular! I have never been much of a busty sort of gal and yet the up and lift. Then something surprising happened. After a few hours in them ( I was excited and didn’t want to take them off) I was still comfy. Like sports bra comfy! This was not something I had expected to happen. Not only that, but because I had to sit up straighter my back was feeling really good.

So I guess I have been meant to wear stays? Right now it is sitting on my coffee table waiting to be packed for the ball, but it’s sort of daring me to put it on and wear it under my shirt. What do you all think jeans and a t-shirt and stays?

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