I wish I was a little bit taller…I wish I was a baller…I wish I had a dance and was a caller…

Ok so I hope that all of you sung the title of my post. I hope that you get the joke, if not I will post a link at the end of this post. So no I don’t want to be taller and since I do go to dances I guess I am a “baller”, but I honestly wish I was a caller.

What is a caller you might ask? Good question. For those who take part in English Country Dancing, the Caller is the person who calls out the dance steps. They work with the band and pick the dances, and they make sure that everyone knows what to do. In groups that know the moves they may talk it over before the music starts, as the dances get going they will call out reminding all of us where to go and what to do.

Now I love to dance, but as with many things I get to a point where I feel the need to take it all apart and fiddle with what I know about it. This has led to many 1/2 done bits of projects that lay like a bone yard, in the basement as a testament to stuff that is “hard”. Thankfully (as my Hubby would say) this sort of project needs no bits of fabric, foam or spray paint. So what do I need to be a Caller? I am not really sure.

The next step would be to ask a Caller and I have. The response while friendly has been cryptic.

“Oh you know you just…sort of do it”

This can mean only one of two things:

In some sort of lodge the Callers meet in secret and call masked balls and share the calling craft

It’s one of those things that you just have to “start” doing.

As much as I like the idea of secret society I think I will have to just dive in. Lady Jen and Lady Kenzie have been batting around the idea of a dinner party. If you read my post from a while back you’ll know I am working on a dance based on a video game. Fate? A chance to call my own dance? Me over thinking it all? Most likely all of the above.

OH and if you missed out on the pun that is my title or now have the song in your head, I leave you with this:

Spencerville Heritage Fair – Recap!

So as Devon mentioned in our last post, we had an absolutely great time at the Spencerville Heritage Fair!

We spent Friday morning getting ready for the day, and also Devon and I had a chance to stroll through Kathy’s garden/yard and pretend we were in a BBC drama. The best part is that this picture was candid, I really was making that ridiculous face.


Here are the Good Time Regency Girls’ Pictorial Top Ten from the Spencerville Heritage Fair:

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Thank you Spencerville

We would like to take a moment to thank all the folks who worked so hard on the Spencerville Heritage Fair. Also a big hello to all the new friends us Good Time Regency Girl’s made on the trip. Over the next few days we will be sorting out all the pics and the best of moments (ok well the whole thing was one big best of but you know what I mean..) and start posting up. Keep an eye our you might just see yourself. Also feel free to let us know how the fair was for you or any of the other 1812 events that you made it to this weekend.

Getting Ready for Ye Olde Day Out


So as you know we have made the trip out to the county side, and soon will be heading out to day one of the fair! Right now we have started our prep for the day, having spent last night up late sewing. Lady Jen has been working on her hair already, and me? Well woke up like it was Christmas morning and have been taking in the view. So are you up to something historical this weekend? Seems like most of the summer 1812 events are kicking off. Let us know in the comment section and remember we will be Tweeting all weekend so keep an eye out for updates.

Spencerville Heritage Fair 2013

Just a quick fly by post to say Lady Jen and Lady Devon are heading to Spencerville for the Spencerville Heritage Fair! It’s going to be an amazing weekend and we’re really looking forward to it! Can’t wait to post about it when we return! 

Staying around

Ok so I have gone with a bad pun once more. This post is going to be about my new set of stays and how this is the most excited I have ever been over an undergarment.

For folks who have been reading the blog, you may already know that I have been working on a dress and learning to sew. The gown (which I promise to blog about) is a historic pattern. The dresses I have worn up to this point have not been the most historical. The first dress was a costume that has Velcro in the back. My Mom and I built it not realizing how deep into this I would become. The next dress I bought. It’s great but has been made for us ladies without the historical underbits, but can still make the dress work. Up to now both dresses have been perfectly serviceable and I will keep wearing them. However for the next ball, something I wanted was to go big or go home.

All off of that leads me to building this new dress and to be in need of stays. Now some of you may know what stays are. Some may not. Those of you who are new to all of this, stays are more or less the proto sports bra. They lace up at the front – corset style. They are not very restrictive though do make you sit up straighter.

I was lucky Lady Jen had started work on one only to find that it wasn’t working out for her. This was a great find for me as while it was far too big, it was fixable. This is the point that I would love to tell you how I sewed the stays and worked out how to make them work for me. However full credit to making them work is 100% with Lady Jen.

The other day I got to put them on for the first time. Not gonna lie…my girls looked spectacular! I have never been much of a busty sort of gal and yet the up and lift. Then something surprising happened. After a few hours in them ( I was excited and didn’t want to take them off) I was still comfy. Like sports bra comfy! This was not something I had expected to happen. Not only that, but because I had to sit up straighter my back was feeling really good.

So I guess I have been meant to wear stays? Right now it is sitting on my coffee table waiting to be packed for the ball, but it’s sort of daring me to put it on and wear it under my shirt. What do you all think jeans and a t-shirt and stays?

A love of history

So I know that I haven’t posted very much as of late, but even though I am always a GTRG, I also have to work and have been away for the past little bit.

My line of work is history and some of what I get to do is see a ton of historical sites. Much of what I do deals more with the Victorian era, though there is some over lap with my Regency hobbies. Some days I get paid to read about the War of 1812, so I feel very lucky.

What I would like to talk about is some of the history I came across on my last work trip to the Yukon. This post is more history based and about how I like to connect with personal stories.

To start the trip was just out of this world, and the landscape and views breathtaking. I got to go to a hot spring, see all sorts of wild life and visit some of the wonderful museums. Everywhere I went the people I met seemed excited and connected to the land and the history around them. I found that as the people I was with went to look, take pictures and soak in the views, I was sitting chatting with locals.

For example, did you know that beavers used to be the size of kitchen chairs? Or that it was only in the past few years that a candied photo of folks from the gold rush smiling has been found? These were all things I learned by just listening to people.

At one point I was in a gallery looking at some wonderful photos of First Nations woman from around WWII. One of the women pictured had the most beautiful beaded jacket on. A woman came up to look and we got chatting. It turned out that she had done some conservation work on the jacket when it had been loaned to a museum. This piqued the interest of another woman who was the great niece of the lady in the photo. For almost an hour this pair talked about the jacket and the photo. Family stories were shared, and I was almost late for the planed lunch as a result.

History is not just the past and objects. It is a living fabric of stories and connections and I think that while this story is not related to the Regency it made me think about why I love history in the first place. Connection to stories, plain and simple but lovely.