Sew Hard (Ya I went for the pun…)

Some where in Anne Of Green Gables she mutters over doing needle work. She’s making a quilt and finds it boring. I read this in grade three and the thought of having to sit with a needle and thread doing the same thing over and over….well lets just say that I had to agree with Anne.

I’ve never been good at sewing. My Mother used to work from home sewing so the machen would come out late at night. This was made clear I was not to touch and that it was nothing but work. Grandma sewed and like too, however she was always to busy. I think also I knew deep down that I would never be able to ask her about sewing things that weren’t practical. So help on a costume was out.

I had a Nana I was really close with though she saw sewing as a domestic task I as a modern woman wouldn’t have to learn. She thought that anything past knowing how to fix a button or a small tear was a waste. Better to read a book or do the crossword.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I have started with the help of Lady Jen and the moral support of Lady Kenzie have been learning to sew. Its been a bit slower then I thought…

While I have been working on a ballgown (more on that in another post) I have been most pleased with my work on a shift. You see I have decided that I am going to hand sew ALL BY MYSELF the whole thing. So far so good and I have been woring on it for a few days now in the evening.

Last night I think I hit a new lvl in how I regard my work. Up to this point on some smaller projects if a mistake was made I would sort of just let it be and sew around it. However as I settled down to sew I saw I had made a set of mistakes and before I could wave it off I reached for the scissors and pulled out the stitches.

I fixed a mistake, not just made one! Why am I so excited no idea, but I feel that as far as my sewing goes I have sort of lvled up. If it was a game theme music would play and a new item would become unlocked. Maybe that’s how I should be looking at this. So below your will find my new set of stats.

Lady Devon lvl 2 sewer, new item- shift

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