Men of the Regency Series: #1 – George IV, Prince Regent, Prinny

This post came about when Lady Devon and I were talking about how handsome Robbie Burns was, and then I had the idea to give you a series of Regency men who cut a striking image back in the day!

George IV, The Prince Regent, or more affectionately…Prinny

Prinnie George IV was born George Augustus Frederick in 1762,  but when his father George III began to descend into “madness” he was named Prince Regent, and ruled in his father’s stead. It was those years which he ruled as Regent that gave us the Regency Era. He led an extravagant lifestyle, and was a patron of the arts, fashion and architecture.

He also drank excessively, had numerous mistresses and had horrible relationships with both his father and his wife. Yet despite these flaws of character, Prinny was somehow known as “the first gentleman of England”, of course that was until his frivolous spending began to create contempt from many people, and dimmed the prestige of the Monarchy as it had been in his father’s reign.

Regency Boyfriend rating: 3 – he could take you places, pamper you with fine silks and jewels, but you weren’t the only girl he was allowing to dote on him. Also, considering his wife Caroline’s constant and notorious affairs, Prinny might have been a bit of a cold fish in the sack.

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