Dance and the Gamer Girl

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with English Country dancing. I love the music, the movement, the patterns and above all I love the music. Nothing quite hits you like a good tune. I grew up in a family that played tons of live “old country” polka, so my tastes have always been more historical. Jigs and Reels became a natural extension of what I found I liked. Funny it took me so long to find my way into the English Country Dance world.

Some thing else you should know about me while I love all things historical, I have a great love for the modern form of entertainment known as video games.

Now you might be wondering why I am telling you this and what the two have to do with each other. Well as we said in the intro we are moderne woman navigating history. Funny it’s a modern art form that is inspiring me to look deeper into something from the past.

Over the Easter weekend the Husband and I played Bio Shock Infinite. It was a great story and wonderful game.

What really caught my attention was this

Go on have a listen, you’ll find it’s not what you might expect from a game sound track. The name of the tune is Rory O More Saddle the Pony. While you have to wade though many videos and thoughts on the game should you wish to goggle it, you will discover that it is a rather old tune.

This all leads me back to dancing. You see the moment I heard it in game I knew I wanted to dance to it. Not just any dance but something fast fun and in a ball gown. This music is setting me not just to dance but how dance is and was created. What I hope to do is create something that feels like it could be from the past, but has been inspired but something very modern. I may even see if I can make some sort of nod to the game with in the dance. This is the very first time I have done dance project like this, and hope with a little help I can end up with something that works!

So I will keep you all posted on how this goes and if I really can make the modern and past come together in dance.

Welcome to the Manor…

Welcome most gracious guest,

Should you be a person of good humor and a bit of fun then you have made your way to the right spot. We are the Good Time Regency Girls and as the tagline tells you we are 21st Century Girls, 19th Style.

 So what does that mean for you as you come along with us? Get ready for some dancing, cards, food, sewing and much more!

So come with us, and see how three modern women navigate history!